A technocratic solution to Puerto Rico’s transparency problems

The lack of audited financials for Puerto Rico is a key concern for members of the US Congress and for bond market participants.

Five hundred twenty-one days after fiscal year 2014 ended Puerto Rican officials no longer provide an estimate of when the documents will be completed.

Today we talk to Giancarlo González to understand what operational and political issues are preventing the Commonwealth from publishing its financials in a timely manner. Giancarlo served for several years as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico under governor Alejandro García Padilla, and is a technology leader, and  serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor in Puerto Rico.

About Gil Hall

Currently writing book on PR crises. Working title: "Los Pertrechos: the Story of an Economy". Polyglot prone to prolixity in English, German &, Spanish. Based between San Juan and North Carolina. MBA/MHA.