Roundup: John Mudd & Gil Hall Discuss Recent News & Events in Puerto Rico

In this week’s round-up show, John Mudd and Gil Hall  discuss and analyze events from Puerto Rico.

Topics include:

  • Political pressure being applied to wide range of people, journalists included.
  • Discussion of governmental “puestos de confianza”, which are political appointments made by governor that change with every administration. There are at least 9,000 jobs directly affected.
  • SCOTUS to hear PR’s “Criollo bankruptcy” case today, Tuesday 22 March. More at SCOTUS Blog.
  • New legislation from Capitol Hill
  • Upcoming payments: GDB, GO, COFINA.
  • Possible receivership for GDB


Editorial note: As of today PRNR becomes a solo project. Cate and I will both continue to work to help people understand the nuances of Puerto Rico’s challenges, but in different ways. Cate will be  spending the majority of her time working with US Congressional staffers, whereas I will continue to report on the topic for PRNR and other media outlets.


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About Gil Hall

Currently writing book on PR crises. Working title: "Los Pertrechos: the Story of an Economy". Polyglot prone to prolixity in English, German &, Spanish. Based between San Juan and North Carolina. MBA/MHA.