Comments to Ameera David – November 16, 2016

Cate Long talks with RT America’s Ameera David about Puerto Rico’s upcoming debt payments, corruption and Congress (at 14:30 minutes).

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Large Puerto Rico bondholder, Oppenheimer Funds, weighs in

Excellent roundup of Puerto Rico news from one of the largest holders of Puerto Rico debt, Oppenheimer Funds. Highlights The short list of candidates for the governorship just became longer. Puerto Rico and Treasury officials get a “chilly” reception at Senate hearing Media reports disagree on whether a “superbond” proposal is on the table. Higher tax rates and collections were …

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Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia on the debt crisis

Excellent interview of Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia with Gerson Borrero of City and State. Bhatia addresses debt and fiscal issues and the need for the Obama administration to step up to assist Puerto Rico.

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