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October, 2016

August, 2016

June, 2016

  • 13 June

    FULL STORY: SCOTUS Rules PR’s Bankruptcy Law Invalid

    by Gil Hall,  gil@prnewsroundup.com Published: 20160613 1333 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Monday that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico lacks the ability to create its own bankruptcy laws for its municipalities and public corporations. In 2014 Puerto Rico created its own law to restructure some of its debt, arguing that it was permitted to do so since Congress had removed it …

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  • 9 June

    FULL STORY: “SCOTUS Rules PR Not Sovereign for Purposes of Double Jeopardy

    by Gil Hall, gil@prnewsroundup.com Date posted: 20160609 1107 Updated: 20160609 1156 Affirming a ruling by the Puerto Rican Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled Thursday by a 6-2 margin that for the purpose of double jeopardy, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is not a sovereign power. “[T]he test hinges on a single criterion: the ‘ultimate source’ of …

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  • 3 June

    FULL STORY: Commission Raises Questions Regarding PR Debt’s Validity

    By Gil Hall,  gil@prnewsroundup.com  A Puerto Rican congressional commission tasked with evaluating Puerto Rico’s debt stock released a 31-page report Thursday outlining its preliminary findings. The “Puerto Rico Commission for the Comprehensive Audit of the Public Credit” (PRCCAPC) was created by public law 97-2015, and began its work in January 2016. Its goal was to perform a preliminary legal and …

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May, 2016

April, 2016

  • 20 April

    ROUNDUP: Joanisabel González & Gil Hall Discuss Recent News & Events in Puerto Rico

    by Gil Hall ( gil@prnewsroundup.com ) posted: 20160420 141158 In this week’s round-up show, Joanisabel González and Gil Hall discuss and analyze events from Puerto Rico. Topics include: Emergency legislation in Puerto Rico that passed two weeks ago–without amendment, without floor debate–to give the governor controversial new powers, and to create path for closing the GDB (among others) Second draft of …

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  • 5 April

    ROUNDUP: Gustavo Velez & Gil Hall Discuss Recent News & Events in Puerto Rico

    by Gil Hall, gil@prnewsroundup.com Posted: 20160405 17012 Please note: this week’s roundup show was recorded on Saturday, the 3rd of April 2016, prior to Senate Bill 1591’s being introduced on 4th of April.  In this week’s round-up show, Gustavo Velez and Gil Hall discuss and analyze events from Puerto Rico. Topics include: Government Development Bank recent extraordinary measures taken by the Puerto …

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March, 2016

  • 28 March

    FULL STORY: Federal Judge Fusté Rules on Wal-mart PR Transfer Pricing Case

    Monday (March 28, 2016), San Juan, PR, Gil@prnewsroundup.com In a ruling released Monday morning, Judge José A. Fusté of the Federal District Court in San Juan declared unconstitutional an alternative minimum tax (AMT) created by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The stated purpose of the swiftly enacted Act 72–it took only 12 days from the introduction of the bill to …

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