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FULL STORY: SCOTUS Rules PR’s Bankruptcy Law Invalid

by Gil Hall,  gil@prnewsroundup.com Published: 20160613 1333 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Monday that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico lacks the ability to create its own bankruptcy laws for its municipalities and public corporations. In 2014 Puerto Rico created its own law to restructure some of its debt, arguing that it was permitted to do so since Congress had removed it …

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Roundup: John Mudd & Gil Hall Discuss Recent News & Events in Puerto Rico

In this week’s round-up show, John Mudd and Gil Hall  discuss and analyze events from Puerto Rico. Topics include: Political pressure being applied to wide range of people, journalists included. Discussion of governmental “puestos de confianza”, which are political appointments made by governor that change with every administration. There are at least 9,000 jobs directly affected. SCOTUS to hear PR’s …

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Two PR cases up for SCOTUS review

Update 12-4-15 to reflect that SCOTUS accepted writ on Franklin and will hear the case in 2016.  It is rare for a case involving Puerto Rico to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. This term, however, there are two. Gil and Puerto Rico attorney John Mudd discuss both cases in today’s 30-minute podcast. Franklin California Tax-free Trust v. Puerto Rico The first …

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