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Roundup: Cate and Gil Discuss This Week’s Puerto Rico News

  by Cate Long and Gil Hall In this week’s round-up show, Cate and Gil discuss and analyze events from Puerto Rico. Topics include: Governor Alejandro García Padilla (PDP – Puerto Rico’s majority party) announced he will not run for a second term. This was widely expected given an extremely low voter approval rating. In addition to struggling to get …

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Luis Dávila Colón: PR default is imminent

The prominent Puerto Rican journalist and attorney Luis Dávila Colón said last Thursday he believes there will be a default on Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank bond payment of $354 million due on December 1, 2015. In an interview recorded with PRNewsRoundup.com’s Cate Long (@cate_long) and Gil Hall (@gillamhall), Dávila Colón (@davilacolon) said that  government officials “have decided not to pay–even the GOs–and …

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Interview with Luis Davila Colon

Puerto Rico news analyst and commentator Luis Davila Colon’s weekday radio show on WKAQ AM 580 is one of the highest rated in Puerto Rico. (Yes, no typo; AM radio is huge in PR.) In the second PRNewsroundup.com podcast, Luis discusses PR electoral politics with Cate and Gil. It’s a hot topic, and Luis doesn’t disappoint. He drops several bombshells you’ll want …

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